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ILECY provides content, collaboration, and monitoring, all in a single platform, to help students succeed in school and beyond.

  • Parents get complete and 24 x 7 access to all student activities at school, home, and after school classes.

  • The VSA (Virtual Student Advisor) enables parents review all completed lessons and help accelerate student learning.

  • Parents have full control over student engagement in different learning activities.

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Advanced Curriculum

Complete K-6 Common Core Math curriculum coupled with advanced lessons on Mathematical Problem Solving and Creativity.

Fully Customizable

ILECY enhances learning experience by personalizing the content for indivisual student's current skill level, learning speed, and objectives.

Differentiated and Mastery Learning

ILECY helps identify learning difficulties of individual students, provides remediation, and helps achieve rapid mastery of all required concepts.

Virtual Student Advisor (VSA)

VSA provides a step-by-step guide on lesson roadmap for each student.

||   Complete online Common Core Math curriculum is available for Kindergarten to Grade 6.    ||    Workbooks for "daily math practice" and "summer enrichment" are available for afterschool learning centers.   ||   
||   Complete online Common Core Math curriculum is available for Kindergarten to Grade 6.    ||    Workbooks for "daily math practice" and "summer enrichment" are available for afterschool learning centers.   ||   

What's New

Complete online Common Core Math curriculum is available for Kindergarten to Grade 6.       

Workbooks for "daily math practice" and "summer enrichment" are available for afterschool learning centers.

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  • Critical Thinking class helped my daughter use what she learned to improve the way she approaches problem solving.
    Jignesh Gandhi (parent), Fremont, CA
  • The puzzles taught in the Critical Thinking class are enjoyable and kept my son engaged for a long period. We love how the activities exercise the young mind and promote lateral thinking.
    Chandrika Grama (Parent), Fremont, CA
  • I liked the content as it has been carefully designed to help students analyze what they are learning and develop problem solving skills through fun. My daughter has shown great interest towards the topic and is engaging more. She has been improving on analyzing different aspects of the problem and starting to have meaningful approach with a feedback loop and more positive questioning. Thanks for the program.
    Pratyush Giri (Parent), Fremont, CA
  • I enjoyed working together as a group in the Critical Thinking class. All the tricky math questions were fun and make you think. I liked the way you teach.
    Ajay (Student), Hopkins Jr. High, Fremont, CA
  • I learned a lot from the Critical Thinking class. There were many new questions to answer in a way I would have never thought. The questions really made me think. They were sometimes easy and sometimes hard.
    Isabella (student), Fremont, CA
  • My son has been attending Ilecy Academy middle school math for the past year. His grades jumped from C to high A. He now feels very confident about his math skills. I am glad that I sent him to Ilecy. I appreciate all the help from teachers and staff at Ilecy.
    Palwasha Mohammad (Parent), Union City, CA
  • The activities in Critical Thinking class has helped my daughter think about problem solving creatively and explore for different approaches to find solutions. We love the homework you let kids bring home. Discussing these questions with family is fun.
    Christine Lo (Parent), Fremont, CA
  • My sons liked the Critical Think class and found it to be very interesting. They loved the teamwork and group time.
    Kui Kang (Parent), Fremont, CA
  • The challenging questions and group discussion were son’s favorite part of the Critical Thinking class. I liked the puzzles and tricks in homeworks that was fun to discuss with family. The teacher kept the class interesting and fun.
    Ratan Ghosh (Parent), Fremont, CA
  • Critical Thinking class helped my daughter improve the way she approaches the math problems.
    Abhijit Dutta (Parent), Fremont, CA
  • The best part of the Critical Thinking class is the inquisitiveness it develops in kids. The course focuses on different aspects of critical thinking and is certainly helping my daughter think and analyze things from different perspectives. She loves solving the questions given as homework and share the puzzles with all of us at home.
    Parent, Fremont, CA
  • I liked the Critical Thinking class that it made my daughter think outside the box. She developed the skill for new ways of thinking about solving problems.
    Parent, Fremont, CA
  • The Critical Thinking class helps kids to think and analyze problems differently. It improves their thinking skills.
    Parent, Fremont, CA
  • I loved solving problems and learning how to analyze different types of critical thinking problems. I also enjoyed the humor in the course. During the discussions, I was amazed to find out how many different answers we got and how many different strategies.
    Paul (Student), Fremont, CA
  • The questions in the Critical Thinking class required lots of deep thinking. It helped improve my class work.
    Mihir (Student), Fremont, CA
  • The Critical Thinking class was a test of my mind. I liked that the most.
    Aathithya (Student), Fremont, CA
  • I liked the fun problems in the Critical Thinking class and how you explained the answers. It made the class fun. Also, I enjoyed the project to make a problem myself!
    Anura (Student), Fremont, CA
  • I liked the challenging and fun problems in each class. Also, I enjoyed the collaborative work with other students in our group. It was a fun class!
    Anvi (Student), Fremont, CA
  • The STAR test preparation course is very useful. It quickly identifies the week points of a student and helps them improve on those areas. The practice questions helps students improve further!
    Abhijit Dutta, Fremont
  • I like the way of teaching for the STAR test preparation. The homeworks you give are EXCELLENT!
    Sumati Ellanti, Fremont
  • Adarsh liked the course as he felt it to be challenging and rewarding. And we agree. The course was well organized. BTW, he liked the stickers given at the end of the class!
    Vissu Bulera, San Jose
  • Ilecy is an excellent math enrichment program oriented specifically to develop strong fundamentals in mathematics.  It has the right amount of knowledge mix for each level demonstrated through practical examples.
    Moma Mishra, Union City
  • I credit Ilecy as an important element in my daughter's success in math.  The program helps my daughter to be responsible for her own learning and achievement.
    Vidya Kavuluru, Cupertino
  • Ilecy is a well-balanced math-development program with focus on math skills, reasoning and speed.  My son loves it and looks forward to doing it everyday.  In addition, I don't have to drive  anywhere - all the materials come to my home by mail, and as a busy parent that works out pretty well for me.
    Kishore Mishra, Santa Clara
  • Emphasis on concepts and problem solving combined with clear presentation style makes Ilecy a superior Math program - better than other programs around us.  Both my son and daughter love Ilecy. I certainly recommend it for other kids.
    Purna Mohanty, Santa Clara
  • Ilecy is reliable, dependable, and well organized.
    Sumon Sukla, Saratoga
  • After joining Ilecy, my son has become more interested in math.  I strongly recommend this program for other kids.
    Kiran Agarwal, Palo Alto
  • Ilecy is an excellent program that challenges my daughter think.  Best of all, Ilecy mails worksheets to home every month so that she can study in the comfort of our home at her own time.
    Alok Patel, Hayward