Common Core and Beyond!

Skill practice, problem solving strategy, and critical thinking for K-6

Virtual Student Advisor (VSA)

Virtual student advisor (VSA), as the name implies, provides functionalities to manage all activities required for student learning.

  • Students, parents, teachers and tutors can see student performance in each completed lesson.
  • VSA module allows students to keep track assigned, ongoing and completed lessons from all sources.
  • VSA module also provides functionalities to communicate between different people (teacher, tutor, parents, and student) involved in student’s learning process.
  • Parent has full control over the communication between different people.
  • Reports and grades for each student are also available in VSA.
  • VSA allows students, parents, teachers, and tutors to review all completed lessons question-by-question for unlimited number of times to understand student’s weak points and take corrective action. The review of completed lessons shows the step-by-step solution for every correct and incorrect answers to help students understand his/her mistakes.