After School Programs

ILECY offers a wide range of programs to meet the teaching needs at school, home, and afterschool learning centers. Teachers can use our online lessons as enrichment or remedial supplement to the common core curriculum. Parents can also use all online programs for their students. Our programs and platform is designed to customize the programs for each student depending on his/her need.

Afterschool learning centers can use our curriculum to offer enrichment program on Common Core and advanced programs like Critical Thinking and problem solving strategy. Our online platform also provides functionalities to manage class enrollment, lesson management and student communication all in one place. Detailed description of all programs are given below under the tab "Program Description". Parents can search for classes available in their neighborhood and enroll in them using the tab "Enroll in a Class".

Please contact to know more about our programs and how to use ILECY curriculum in your classroom. Click here for a detailed description of different programs