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At ILECY, we are dedicated to create the best educational platform and advanced curriculum that help unleash hidden potential in every student around the globe. We are equally passionate about developing technology that provides best learning and teaching experience for our students, teachers, afterschool centers, and parents. We are an agile and high performing global team committed to create solutions that will change education through research based technology and advanced curriculum.



  • Satya Pradhan, PhD, MBA – Founder
    Dr. Pradhan is passionate about making difference in student learning through the use of modern technology, advanced learning methods, and creative curriculum. After graduating from IISc, Bangalore, India and completing PhD from UBC, Canada, he has been working in different technology leadership roles in Silicon Valley and teaching Creative Thinking to students in elementary and middle schools. He also holds a MBA from San Jose State University. He has more than 30 publications in IEEE, AIAA, and other international journals and conferences.  He brings a unique perspective to educational technology through his background in research and experience in software industry to develop the best collaborative Educational Platform (patent pending).   
  • Priyabrata Gharai – Technology Partner
    Priyabrata is the founder of Andolasoft and a leader in IT industry with more than 20 years of experience. He has previously worked for fortune 1000 companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Accenture, Symantec, KeyBank, Genentech, CafrePress, etc.  Priyabrata holds Master's degree in Computer Management from University of Pune, India. Although technically savvy across all areas of IT, his real strengths are in Web 2.0 and Mobile Application development. He is actively involved in shaping the technology strategy and application development for ILECY platform.
  • Deepak Nayak, PhD, MBA – Advisor
    Dr. Nayak is an industry leader in technology research and high-tech management. He has been granted/filed over 40 US patents and has published 90 publications in international journals and conferences. He is passionate about children education and founded the premier tutoring school in Fremont, Tutoring Gurus, focusing on high-school subjects, AP, and SAT. Tutoring Gurus was acquired by a private investor in 2015. His two children attended K-12 public schools in Fremont Unified School District. He is a graduate of IIT, Kharagpur, India, and holds a PhD from UCLA and an MBA from the Hass School of Business, UC Berkeley.
  • Development and Support Team
    Our dedicated team of developers at the offshore facility in India has been instrumental in creating the technology and content for the 21st century classroom. Our extended team also includes teachers from schools in Silicon Valley who work with us to develop and review the curriculum. We are also collaborating with local schools and after-school centers in San Francisco Bay Area to pilot all our programs before releasing on our website.  
  • Join us to take ILECY to the next level
    We are growing and looking for leaders who are passionate about education and have right attitude to make an impact. If you have experience in educational technology and marketing, and are interested in leadership role to grow ILECY, please contact us at 


At ILECY, we are inventing technology and implementing research based learning technologies to deliver the best classroom experience.  With the help of students, parents, and teachers, we provide solutions that look at the bigger picture to improve student performance. We have collaborated with local school districts and afterschool centers to teach our programs in the classroom before making them available in our website.



We are bringing creative thinking and problem solving stratgy to school classrooms and prepare students to be successful in the knowledge based economy of twenty-first century. Our advanced curriculum promotes strategic thinking and thought leadership starting from the elementary school.



The main focus of our platform is enabling collaboration between all stake holders in student education – students, peers, teachers, parents, and afterschool centers.