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Membership Fees Benefits
Family Deluxe FREE
  • Access all online lessons for Common Core Math
  • Enroll in all courses offered by school and tutoring centers
  • Weekly email report
Premier $8.99 per month
$89 per year
  • All benefits of Family Deluxe member
  • Access to all online lessons for Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Full access to the Virtual Student Advisor (VSA)
School Teacher FREE
  • Access to all Common Core Math lessons
  • Access to Virtual Student Advisor (VSA)
  • Student uses and performance report
  • Simple class management console
School or District Admin FREE
  • Simple admin console
  • School and class participation report
Partner School $65 per year
  • All benefits for teacher, school, and district
  • Onsite help for classroom integration of ILECY programs
  • Schools will provide feedback on how to improve our site so that ILECY can help your students better.
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Tutors Tutor Membership $189 per month
  • Offer programs on Common Core Math, Mathematical Problem Solving, and Creativity at your tutoring center
  • Customize programs for students based on what they are doing at school, home, and tutoring center
  • Access to the Virtual Student Advisor (VSA)
ILECY Associate Apply for details
  • All benefits of Tutor membership
  • Help schools integrate ILECY learning technology in schools
  • Get all benefits of collaboration with partner schools.
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