Common Core and Beyond!

Skill practice, problem solving strategy, and critical thinking for K-6

Mastery beyond Common Core

Advance courses on Common Core Math, Mathematical Problem Solving and Creativity. (more info)

Integrated Learning Environment

ILECY learning platform allows students, parents, teachers, tutors, and classmates to communicate and collaborate in real time. (more info)

Based on Proven Research

ILECY online lessons have implemented advanced learning techniques like mastery, differentiated, and interleaved learning. These lessons can also be timed to improve computational speed. (more info)

More ways how ILECY helps your child!

Advanced Curriculum

Complete K-6 Common Core Math curriculum coupled with advanced lessons on mathematical problem solving and creativity. (more info)

Fully customizable

Enhance learning experience by personalizing the content for indivisual student's current skill level,learning speed and objective. (more info)

Lesson Review

Lesson Review functionality allows parents and teachers to review each lesson completed by the students allowing them to evaluate student performance and fine tune their lesson plan.
(more info)

Differentiated and Mastery Learning

ILECY helps identify learning difficulties of indivisual students, provides remeditations, and helps achive rapid matrey for all required cocepts. (more info)

Predictive Intervenction

Quickly idetify areas that need intervenction before students fall behind. (more info)

Virtual Student Advisor(VSA)

VSA provides a step-by-step guide on lesson road map for each student. (more info)

Key Performance Indicators(KPI)

A set of key performance indicators are available to each member to measure performence related to the memership. (more info)

Analysis and Report

Easy, online and real time access to each student's performence reports including complete history of assignment. (more info)