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||   [17 OCT]  ILECY team is proud to announce the launch of our EdTech platform.    ||    We are thankful to teachers, parents, and students who provided feedback during development period.    ||    We are looking forward to a stong partnership with all of you to promote education around the world.    ||   

Achieving Mastery using Learning Technology and Analytics

ILECY helps students achieve mastery using proved learning techniques, and power of artificial intelligence based personalized learning.

Enrichment Programs for After School Learning Centers

Our books and online lessons can be used to provide a superior learning experience to students in an environment specific to after school learning centers.

Easy Classroom Integration in Schools

Our platform is developed in consultation with practicing teacher to provide ease of use and easy integration with classroom instruction.

Reports and Insights

Our analytics engine is based on latest technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide insight into student performance and help teachers personalize learning for each student.

- Jignesh Gandhi (parent), Fremont, CA
Chandrika Grama (Parent), Fremont, CA
Pratyush Giri (Parent), Fremont, CA
Ajay (Student), Hopkins Jr. High, Fremont, CA
Isabella (student), Fremont, CA
Palwasha Mohammad (Parent), Union City, CA
Christine Lo (Parent), Fremont, CA
Kui Kang (Parent), Fremont, CA
Ratan Ghosh (Parent), Fremont, CA
Abhijit Dutta (Parent), Fremont, CA
Parent, Fremont, CA
Parent, Fremont, CA
Parent, Fremont, CA
Paul (Student), Fremont, CA
Mihir (Student), Fremont, CA
Aathithya (Student), Fremont, CA
Anura (Student), Fremont, CA
Anvi (Student), Fremont, CA
Abhijit Dutta, Fremont
Sumati Ellanti, Fremont
Vissu Bulera, San Jose
Moma Mishra, Union City
Vidya Kavuluru, Cupertino
Kishore Mishra, Santa Clara
Purna Mohanty, Santa Clara
Sumon Sukla, Saratoga
Kiran Agarwal, Palo Alto
Alok Patel, Hayward

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